Prayog life science is committed to popularizing sustainable agro practices for pest management to the benefit of farmers and public health through pheromone technology. Pheromone technology is an eco-friendly integrated pest management technique (IPM) through mating disruption of different insects of a broad range of agricultural crops. The pheromone of each moth is a distinct blend of chemicals in specific ratios.

Advantages of pheromone applications:

  • Minimization of pesticide applications
  • A versatile tool for pest monitoring and controlling
  • Highly biodegradable
  • Environmental Safe
  • Minimization of health risk of the farmer community
  • Increase the value of Agro produce

Our R&D team developing processes for high-quality pheromones, pheromone intermediates, and bulk semiochemicals. PLS offers its customers a high-quality custom manufacturing service for pheromones blends or chemicals independently. We also cater to the farmer community through the supply of a complete pheromone kit (pheromone lurve with trap) for integrated pest management. We have developed processes for the pheromone components of several economically important crops i.e., Cotton, Maize, Rice, groundnut, sugarcane, fruit, and vegetables (Brinja Fruit and Shout borer, Tomato leaf miner, etc.,).