Prayog Life Sciences provides high-quality medicinal chemistry services that efficiently progress drug discovery projects from hit identification through lead generation and optimization. Our medicinal chemists have extensive experience against a broad range of target types. We consider all the relevant properties such as biological activity, selectivity, pharmacokinetics (ADMET), and as well as patentability, in the design of lead candidates. After the designing of library compounds, we execute the synthesis using parallel synthesis tool to generate analogs in a quick mode. We work closely with our partners to design and synthesize compounds for their targets and assays, leading ultimately to the identification of developed candidates

Prayog Life Sciences Medicinal chemistry focus

  • Innovation and Quality
  • Sensitivity to timelines
  • Adaptable to accommodate changing properties
  • Commitment to achieving to customers goal
  • Timely, clear and detailed communication

Prayog Life Sciences Medicinal Chemistry offers significant experience in Fragment-to-Lead, Hit-to-Lead, and Lead Optimization in advancing compounds to development against a wide variety of target types and therapeutic areas.

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