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Custom Synthesis

PLS offers a tailor-made custom synthesis service to meet our customer objectives

Medicinal Chemistry

PLS provides high-quality medicinal chemistry services to drug discovery projects through lead generation and optimization.

Process Development

PLS is committed to developing green technologies for the manufacturing of bulk chemicals.

Peptides Synthesis

PLS new redox peptide ligation technology allows us to deliver quality custom peptides.

Reference Standards

Reference Standards

PLS offers a broad spectrum of reference standards for APIs, impurities, and metabolites according to the regulatory requirements.

Crop Care Chemicals

PLS offers a manufacturing service for a wide range of crop care chemicals.

Who We Are

About Us

NSJ Prayog Life Science  is a translational science led contract research and manufacturing services company(CRAMs) which can provide customized services to global partners across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

We utilize our vast experience in the field of synthetic organic chemistry to design, develop and optimize cost-effective synthetic routes for the drug intermediates/impurities and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

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What People Say


“Dr. Pavan Kumar Gangireddy Reddy is a highly skilled and knowledgeable process and medicinal chemist with extensive experience in chemical synthesis across the different “scale domains” of our discipline.”

Lanny S. Liebeskind, PhD.

They are highly professional and work to find the best solutions for their clients

Dr. René Grée

Our Team

Meet The Team

Jaya Prakash Samala Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Pavankumar R Gangireddy Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

“Chemical synthesis is uniquely positioned at the heart of chemistry, the central science, and its impact on our lives and society is all pervasive.”

Elias James Corey


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